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Dynamica History

Disney Animation Studios contributed their in-house Maya plugin called 'Dynamica' to the Bullet project. This Dynamica plugin was used for physics special effects in the creation of the animated feature Bolt.


It is trivial to compile and install Dynamica from source code for Linux and Mac OSX:

For Linux:

tar -zxf dynamica-source*.tgz
cd Extras/MayaPlugin
sudo make install

For Mac OSX:

tar -zxf dynamica-source*.tgz
cd Extras/MayaPlugin
make -f Makefile.mac
sudo make -f Makefile.mac install

Features of the Dynamica Maya plugin

  • Dynamica is cross-platform and works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX
  • Dynamica runs on all versions of Maya
  • Active, passive, and kinematic rigid bodies
  • Sphere, Box, Hull(convex), and Mesh(concave) collision shapes
  • Force breakable Nail, Hinge, Slider, and Six-degrees-of-freedom constraints
  • Frame based choreography control and simulation baking
  • The plugin exports to COLLADA Physics format and the native .bullet binary physics file format


Here is the Dynamica user manual

Video Tutorials

Some video tutorials how to use Dynamica are available on-line. You can download (right-click - save) or watch those instruction movies on-line. !! Note: These are slightly out of date, but the current version (2.78) supports similar workflows.

Sample files

  • Maya sample files are included in the Bullet SDK under Bullet/Extras/MayaPlugin/scenes



for Film and Game Production"

Example of destruction created with Dynamica v2.78

fig 1. Example of destruction created with Dynamica v2.78

Watch the Dynamica Intro video from Siggraph 2011 here:

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