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Bullet Collision Detection and Physics library

Bullet is a 3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library for games. Open Source, ZLib license, free for commercial use, including Playstation 3. Sphere, box,cylinder,cone,convex hull&triangle mesh, swept collision test, constraints and COLLADA 1.4 Physics.

Collision Detection Features

  • Multi Platform support
Playstation 3, XBox 360, Wii, Win32, Linux, Mac OSX etc.
Parallel optimizations for Cell SPU, multi-core
Fully Open Source, ZLib license (free for commercial use)
Used by several professional game companies in AAA titles on Playstation 3, XBox 360, Wii and PC
  • Supports various shape types:
Convex Polyhedron, Box, Sphere, Cone, Cylinder, Capsule, Static Triangle Mesh, Heightfield
  • Discrete Collision Detection for Rigid Body Simulation
Persistent Manifold, with contact point reduction
Collision Results can also be used for AI/Triggers/Character Control
GJK based general convex collision detection
  • Single Queries:
Closest Point/Normal/Distance
Penetration Depth estimation
Ray Cast
Linear Cast / Swept Collision Test
Experimental Continuous Collision Detection/Time of Impact (incl. Rotation)
  • Optimizations:
Sweep and Prune Broadphase
Bounding Volume Hierarchy for Static Triangle Mesh (AABB tree)
Allows re-use of graphics mesh, instead of duplicating (using index/stride)
  • Documentation and Support
Auto generation of MSVC project files, comes with Jam build system
Doxygen commented Source documentation
Modular design: either use all, or just parts of the software
Feedback, support, Physics discussion forum at:
  • Bullet Collision Detection works with Bullet Dynamics, but there is also a sample integration with Open Dynamics Engine.

Dynamics Features

  • Framework with 2 different Constraint Solvers
Sequential Impulse
Projected Gauss Siedel (quickstep)
  • Hinge, Point to Point Constraint, Twist Cone Constraint (ragdolls)
  • Automatic de-activation (sleeping)
  • Generic 6 Degree of Freedom Constraint , Motors, Limits
  • LCP Warm starting of contact points

Extra Features

  • Collada 1.4 Physics Import using FCollada and COLLADA-DOM
  • Convex Decomposition Code
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