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Bullet Physics Documentation


Bullet is a Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library. The Library is Open Source and free for commercial use, under the ZLib license. This means you can use it in commercial games, even on next-generation consoles like Sony Playstation 3.

This wiki contains a number of tutorials to get you started, and also articles about specific aspects of the engine. For more information please visit the Bullet Physics SDK section of the Physics Simulation Forum hosted on this site.

Bullet User Manual in PDF

A good starting point is reading the Bullet User Manual, which is included in the Bullet distribution, and online at

API documentation

There is doxygen-generated API documentation that can be:

Having problems viewing the HtmlHelp on Windows XP? See: HtmlHelp Problems

Frequently Asked Questions

There is currently a PDF FAQ and a wiki page which contains the contents of the PDF and some more: Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

If you haven't installed yet, see Installation. When you are installed, explore the Demos. The following resources are for incorporating Bullet into your own project.


Step by step instructions on how to implement parts of Bullet in your application

  • Glossary of Terms - a glossary of the terms you'll likely come across in these documents.
  • A Hello World app ensures that your build is working optimally. This also documents some of most high-level aspects of Bullet.


In-depth explanations of specific topics

  • MotionStates are a convenient callback facility to allow you to update your graphics when objects move.
  • Collision Shapes are plentiful in Bullet, here we help you choose the right one.
  • Determinism Making your engine do the same thing each time it is reset.
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