Anti tunneling by Motion Clamping

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Bullet 2.72 re-enables CCD based motion clamping. It lets the developer enable clamping of motion if the motion per simulation step exceeds a given threshold. This feature works on a per-object basis.

  • CCD motion clamping activates for convex objects that exceed a (squared to avoid taking square roots) velocity threshold. By default this threshold is zero, which means this feature is disabled for rigid bodies.

For a cube of size 1 try:

//enable CCD if the object moves more than 1 meter in one simulation frame
  • CCD works on an embedded sphere of radius, make sure this radius is embedded inside the convex objects, preferably smaller: for an object of dimentions 1 meter, try

  • There is no CCD motion clamping between pairs of objects that are in penetration or that share contact points. This is done to avoid objects getting stuck forever.
  • The Bullet demos can be used to try out motion clamping: try shooting a fast box in the latest demos (using . key or right mouse button) and increase the initial speed using '+' key, and watch the gNumClampedCcdMotions variable at the screen.
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