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This is the start page to the tutorials, which are currently a work in progress. Look at our roadmap to see how far we are.

(Last Modified: 25/10/2016)


  1. Getting Started with Bullet SDK
  2. Understanding the Bullet ExampleBrowser framework
  3. Simple Box
  4. Multiple Boxes
  5. Inclined Plane [Benelot][Tutorial Left]
  6. Newton's Cradle [Benelot][Tutorial Left]
  7. Simple Distance Joint
  8. Picking
  9. Multi-Pendulum[Benelot][Tutorial Left]
  10. Simple Cloth
  11. Simple Chain
  12. Simple Bridge
  13. Simple RigidBody loaded from an obj file
  14. Simple SoftBody loaded from an obj file
  15. Working with GUI and parameters input using sliders
  16. SoftBody material properties demo using sliders to simulate different types of materials like aluminum, steel, wood, cotton, nylon etc.[Mobeen/Benelot][Demo Left][Tutorial Left]
  17. Running exampleBrowser demos as standalone apps [Mobeen][Demo Done][Tutorial Left]
  18. Running Bullet demo in a custom rendering framework (Freeglut/SFML/glfw/Ogre/Irrlicht) [Mobeen/Benelot/BKeys][Demo Left][Tutorial Left]
  19. 3D Neural Network Walkers[Benelot][Tutorial Left]
  20. ... Your example?


Tutorial Writing Template [A simple template to make it easier to write a tutorial article]

Unsorted ideas

  • A tutorial about how to debug a bullet project (Debug Drawer, Profiler, Common Problems etc.)
  • Terrain tutorial (probably with terrainmanager for graphics)
  • Speed up/slow down example (Deterministic)
  • Switchable solver example
  • Cartpole reinforcement learning example
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